What do you do when you lose a permanent tooth?

Losing a permanent tooth while slightly scary is actually not as uncommon an occurrence as you might think. A slip and fall, gum disease or perhaps simply biting on something exceptionally hard can result in a broken tooth.

Sometime the tooth might fall off from the root while sometimes it can be only partially broken. No matter the details, it is a daunting moment when it does happen. In this article we will tell you exactly you must do in the event that you lose your tooth completely so that repairing the damage is easier.

Step 1: Locate the missing or fallen tooth immediately.

Step 2: Make sure you handle it by the crown alone, leaving the fleshy root untouched. Rinse it quickly with sterile saline solution or milk, if the root looks dirty. Just make sure you do not touch the root or scrub it as you may damage important tissue.

Step 3: Try to insert the tooth back in its socket. Hold it in place using gauze or perhaps a dishcloth.

Step 4: In case you cannot insert the tooth back in the socket, then store it in a glass of milk or jar of sterile saline solution. A simple hack would be to tuck the tooth between your gum and cheek until you reach the dentist. Do not in any circumstance store the tooth in water as you might make it harder to reimplant to the tooth.

Step 5: Run to dentist, with the tooth of course! If the incident occurs at an odd hour, just head to the emergency room at any hospital.


There are plenty of procedures that allow a dentist to fix your tooth back to your gums. Visit us at Dentzz as soon as the incident occurs so that we may fix the tooth as soon as possible.

In case the tooth is only partially broken then you do not have to worry as the tooth can be fixed with ease. It would be better if you brought back the missing piece of the tooth so that it can be fixed but in case you are unable to find the piece, the tooth can still be repaired.

It is important to note that the above steps are only for adult teeth and do not apply for children losing their milk teeth. That is an absolutely natural process and new teeth will grow in place, over time.

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