Everything you need to know about teeth straightening

Not all of us are born with perfect straight teeth and that is perfectly alright. With the speed at which the world of dentistry is evolving, there are now more solutions than ever before to fix crooked or misshapen teeth. Depending on the severity of the problem, a dentist will recommend one or more treatments to correct the problem and craft you the perfect set of teeth.

Whereas a few years ago your only choice would have been orthodontics, today you have a lot more to choose from. Even within the field of orthodontics you can choose from accelerated orthodontics, metal braces, just retainers and more.

Here’s a look at three main treatment options to consider.


This is the most popular treatment available for crooked teeth. Usually made of metal, braces consist of brackets, arch wire, bonding material and ligature elastic. All these parts are used together to exert force on the teeth and move them in the desired direction. This process usually takes a long time, a minimum of eighteen months. Braces are one of the most reliable methods to fix crooked teeth. The one flipside of traditional braces is that they are visible and can look aesthetically unappealing.


This is one of the newest methods available to straighten teeth. Made of proprietary SmartTrack® material, these custom made aligners are completely transparent. They are meant to be worn for 22 hours in a day and gradually shift your teeth in place. The aligners need to be replaced with tighter ones every 2 weeks or as determined by your dentist. While they look visibly different, they work more or lesss just like regular braces do. However, they can be a lot more expensive. They are however virtually undetectable when worn, which makes them an appealing choice for adults.

Cosmetic Dentistry

With this field, your dentist can use multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix your teeth. These are ideal for those with mild crookedness or uneven teeth. Your dentist can recommend veneers for your teeth or even sculpt them using dentist tools, to their desired shaped. Alternatively, composite bonding can also be used to shape your teeth. These procedures do not take too long and not more than a few sessions at most. The combination of procedures is best decided by a cosmetic dentist, taking into account the shape of your teeth and the teeth you desire.

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