A patient from Australia Talks about His Memorable Experience at Dentzz Dental


Hi my name’s David Wright and come up to Dentzz from Australia although I’m originally from England. I first learned about Dentzz when I was enquiring about dental implants. So I went online and I discovered the Dentzz website and I then made further enquires and also got some references and also the price difference between this clinic and the costs in Australia is dramatic is something like a fist of what it would cost to have my work done I in Australia. The work I had done was quite to quite major I had 7 implants, 2 sinus lifts and significant root canal work and of course a lot of very good crowns got on .My very whole experience of the Dentzz clinic was very good. People are charming and everything, everybody makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s more like a home than the Clinique really and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think that’s it really.

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