Patient from Canada Expresses His Views about Dentzz Dental


Hi I am from Vancouver Island in Canada and the reason I came here was my teeth were getting so bad for especially my chewing teeth so I was getting for hopefully to come over to India and get some implants I was very very hesitant and had a think a long time before I choose, but having had a dentists from India before I had all kinds of confidence in the treatment that I would get here in India. I thought about Hungary but I was going to travel I might as well go the whole nine yards and save a little money at the same time. So my treatment was I, I couldn’t fault it. It was just excellent the staff very helpful, very reassuring, made me feel comfortable and were very efficient and didn’t overlook anything that it that I can see. After the treatment well that’s a different story I feel so elated I feel like a new person, I’m very surprised at the results because I didn’t expect to it to have that much of an effect on my feelings but it it’s certainly does and I can’t wait to get home try-outs on this on my friends and see what the they think. Thank you very much and the good bye for Now.

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